2015: A Year Of Goodbyes

When the end begins
say goodbye
to all regrets.
To the “yes
you never said.

Don’t feel bad
for mistakes
you need no longer make.
You’ve committed them all
if that’s even possible.

Adjust your sails
trim them tight
the ocean’s wide
allow its depths
to swallow
begotten sorrows.

Behold magnificence
almost in sight.

Cut all ties
to your sorry past.
If nothing more
just be glad
it didn’t last.

Ever mindful
eternally grateful
for what has passed.

Belong to no one.
Gather together
all the pieces of you.

Tattered bits
unwanted parts
scattered in the winds.
Accept and embrace
they were you.

Make whole
the holiness
that is you.

throw wide open
all the windows
leading to your heart.
Release her.

Make all your faces fit
the you
you hardly knew.

Resist the need
to rekindle ties
which no longer bind.

Make room for new loves.
they do exist.

Create pockets of passion
allow them to blossom
in intoxicating fashion.

Conform to no one.
Compromise with nothing.

The year of goodbyes
is almost over.
Dry those tears.
Confound your fears.

Behold thy future:

Come Undone (If I Go Part ll)

Candles' End
Candles’ End


What if I go
And you never ever
Say stay?

Words we say
We don’t mean
Those we don’t
Where are they?

The last tear’s been shed
Dry your eyes
Spilling guts
They don’t work.

When the hurtin’ begins
Nothing else
But shattered dreams
Linger on.

Echoes too distant
Etched in memory
Embers to ashes
Blown away.

Bitter shards of glass
Ripping through your soul
Filaments of a presence
Bending the mind.

Stillborn feelings
Once upon a time longings
Aborted by hatred
Carelessly tossed aside.

Amongst the dead
Leave the good
Along with the bad
Lessons learned
Cast them away.

Not when you’re gone.

I’ll carry on
Even without
That shoulder
I used to cry on.

Misunderstood people
They don’t belong
Black or white
Brown or in between
Gaps too wide
Even smiles can’t hide.

Goodbyes happen soon enough
When there’s nothing left to say
When doors don’t open
When hearts become frozen
And all that’s left
Is come undone.

Airport Lounge

Airport Mesa
Airport Vortex, Sedona, Arizona
Changi Airport, Singapore


The airport lounge

Is where bones are found

Debris of departures

Of souls unsound.

A terminal of passage

One soul’s fearless voyage

A date with destiny

Only god knows where.

The airport lounge

Is where planes sit aground

Waiting to take you

Eager to lift you.

Tarry not with your goodbyes

Dreams may yet be found

On the other side.

The airport lounge

Is where passion ends

The stark reality of metal detectors

Silently sheathes your heart.

Departure signs strewn along the way

Emblems of arms aching to embrace

Alas, the boarding gate beckons

Yawning wide

Decisions sealed.

Doors slammed shut.

Look not to where you have been

If you are to begin

Start from the end.