Stealing Time


Steal from time
pilfer each second
possess every moment

Waste not
a single shred
of smile~

Spend preciousness
lovingly  gazing
at you.

For distractions
make no room.


No attraction
is better
than being
with you.

I need not
own you
to love you.

You need not
return kisses
to have me.

one day~
will come calling.

Till then~

but not
until then~

hold my hand
in yours

Never let me go.

No Ordinary Breakup

Train Station
Train Station


You and me
This break-up
Let it be.

Pain to purge
No mere urge
To look the other way
Nor dance
To another’s sway.

Did you know that it was over
The day you said hello?

The late night conversations
All those mushy songs
To whom do they belong?

Was your heart even there
Ever mine?

Did your heart beat faster
When your hands held mine?

Did you know
We’re not gonna make it
The night
He took you home?

Knowing there’s no forever
In a love grown colder
Why did we hold on
Knowing we don’t belong?

Ain’t no making up
With this breaking up

This love
Was a set-up
Just to prop up
An aching ego
So vain
It’s grown insane.

Say goodbye
Don’t look back
Lie if you must
But hold on fast.

Live reborn
Keep on moving on.

Torch and bury thyself.

As for you and me
There ain’t no looking back
With this breaking up.