The Greed Of Need

The Embrace

I have no words
to tell you
how gravely
i need you.

A need so naked
it is sacred.

You consume me.

Feed the greed
fill the need.

I hunger.

Love you
take you
drink you.

A famine
of you.

I declare war.
Man your passions
unsheathe your soul.

The bedroom~
our battlefield.
Kisses and caresses~
our weapons of choice.
Two aching bodies~
ferocious combatants
yearning for collision.

No harm can come to you.
Yield to me.

Murmurs of madness
take me
make me
break me
set me free.

embracing eternity.

One night.



Dignity For The Damned

May 13, 2015 Feast Of Our Lady Of Fatima. For MMZ, HIV positive.

Wheeling Me Home

You kneel broken
weeping tears
too copious
deserts turn to rivers.
A waterfall of sorrows
even tomorrow
cannot contain.

Body bent
spirit spent
Unable to hide
gaping wide
pus pouring out.

People shun you.
Each stare
a dagger to the heart.

What heart?
you ask
it is shattered
only memories
breathe for life.

you scream
have pity
you plead
to gods known
even those unknown.


For the damned
there is no religion.

Only kindness
will suffice.
Compassion is clemency~
unearned pardon
for a shallow life
lived in shadows.

You sit silently
ears numb
to the beating of life
no longer yours.

Hope abounds
for the living
but not for you.
You are almost gone.

The night remains
your only friend.
Steadfast and true
enfolding you.

Bid goodbye
to the light~
to a life
slowly fading fast.

The end
will be easy.
Eternity awaits you
arms open wide~
a warm welcome
this cold world
from the forever damned.

Close your eyes,
dear child.


I am holding you so tightly.

 It’s time to go home now.

When Heaven Plays Dirty

Strange Cross

If you are the prize
gladly will I pay the price.
Heaven help me
the cost ain’t cheap.

This crossroad
is one for the heart.

Ask this question
but once:
is the path
one with heart?

Fate or destiny.
Which will it be?

Fate for the faint of heart.
Destiny for the devil
willing to grasp
that second chance.

“God grabbed me by the balls”, a man could easily have uttered.

Since I am female, i have no idea what the equivalent is.

The gods have multiple ways of calling one’s attention. From subtle to sublime, mind~boggling to mind~blowing, soft to shrill, decent to downright low and dirty, they do play hardball.

Sit up and listen, or pay the price. Either way, the gods will have their say. Heaven will have its way.

Were you in a casino, the house always wins. Your angel can only stand helplessly by, tearfully moaning “i told you so, but no, you refused to listen.”

What then is one supposed to do confronted with a situation so dire, it is of calamitous proportions?

Does one~given lemons~make champagne? Or handed thorny roses~create eau de toilette, perfume perhaps?

How do you play rough and tumble with something, someone, you can’t even see, let alone argue with?

Who was it who said it is not for us to ask or reason why?

Between nightmares, then, and the solitary solace of slumber; between the chorus of voices dictating choices, and righteous paths for you to walk; between death and the devil incarnate; between truth and the lies that hold one hostage; between the fear that hears only its screams, and the shallow echo of hope too dim it may as well be muted, which poison pill does one pick: red for lethal injection, or deeper red to chop off one’s head?

I am being facetious, I tell myself.

One is either smart stupid, or foolishly arrogant. In the end, it does not matter. When one refuses to choose, the choice is made for her. And so one chooses what, hopefully, makes her congruent. Rightly or wrongly, she alone suffers the consequence.

A Phd in Faith? From elementary straight on to a doctorate degree. A colossal leap of faith. And while we’re at it, throw in a sturdy backbone for good measure.

When heaven plays dirty, one can only fall on one’s knees. In utter humility.

Bon Anniversaire à Une Chère Amie

Bon anniversaire à une chère amie!

Qu’aujourd’hui et chaque jour, vous puissiez être entourée de beauté, de bénédictions et de miracles. Que votre lumière brille encore davantage.

Vous ne saurez jamais ce que votre amitié représente pour moi.

Je peux seulement vous dire qu’elle est importante, précieuse et infinie.

Sans elle, je n’aurais pas pu survivre à ces sombres et terribles nuits en gardant ma raison, mes espoirs et mon humour bien vivants. Votre présence guérit.

Pour toujours et encore davantage, vous avez mon affection et ma dévotion.

Ce lien durera.

Votre amie ‘apprivoisée’,

The Unbreakable Bond

By Danielle

“You are responsible for the ones you tame”

In this book~Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de St. Exupery, not only the little prince but the rose and the fox act as if they were human beings. It emphasized the fact that, when feelings are involved, whether it is between humans, or between humans and animals, it is the same: “it can bring you a lot of happiness but, at the same time, it makes you very vulnerable as, now, you are not in control of what you feel but someone else is.”

When the fox said that sentence to the little prince, he was discovering his vulnerability for the first time. This went deep into me. I really felt for the fox and understood the extent of the responsibility we have when we create some bond with animals or people. We have not the right to make another being suffer, especially animals as they have, most of the time, only one person they share love with. If they lose this love, there is nothing left. It must be devastating.


The Trial By Choice

“Love is life, and life is lived~in love.” Say ‘yes’ no certainties, zero guarantees.

Dear God, where am I going?
Dear God, where am I going?

The journey back to me~
a we
I have yet
to fully see
is fraught with feelings
a gentle muttering
a heart flutters

A fork in the road,
a street otherwise straight~
twists, turns, transforms.

“Where am I going?

The crossroad of choice
creates chasms,
begs closure,
demands eyes that see,
ears all attuned.

Fearing heartbreak,
dreading crushing heartache~
will you say ‘yes’
to a love
that may not be?

‘No’ to songs never-ending,
chanting despair,
threatening torment?

“Who’s going with me?”

Choose ‘no’
perhaps peace aplenty~
the sleep of the eternal dead,
the coward forever damned.

Never lay claim to life
for you have never lived.

Love is life
and life is lived~
in love.

Say ‘yes’
no certainties,
zero guarantees.

Merely the glimmer of light,
please don’t fade too fast.

A readiness,
uncertain willingness,
relentlessly agree~
to a future
too faraway to see.

To my foolish past~’thank you;
my pulsating present~’it is what it is’;
a still veiled future~
yes indeed,
bring it on!

#FlashFictionFriday entry “Someday”

Always and forever…keep on dreaming…dream the dream to reality.


On to week four (but only my second entry) of the flash fiction challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Artists, check out their blog and join in. Check out mine inspired by this week’s photo prompt. Photo provided and credited to: @Cat/My travels with depression


By Michelle Styles
Wednesday March 11th, 2015
(131 words)


Someday I will have a boat and call the boat my own.
Someday I will sail that boat and it will be my home.
Someday I will realize my dream, though it’s far away.
Someday and soon, but someday is not today.

Today it’s just my dream, of that glorious day.
Today I work and toil, there is no other way.
Today I have but words, my dream has no say.
Today I dream of better days, today is not someday.

Someday I will moor it, in that space right there

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