In the Beginning Was The Question

Rainbow Angel Art by Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing (Ode-To-Art Gallery)
“Rainbow Angel” by Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing (Ode-To-Art Gallery)

I offer you a plenitude
take it, go on, take.

Partake of preciousness;
oodles of opulence;
decades of decadence.
Delightful delirium.

drink of emptiness
sup from the cup
filled to overflowing
with nothingness;
an empty well;
everyman’s crucifixion.

draw a line:
in sand, up in the sky,

honestly tell me:
was it a gift~
or curse~
you partook of?

The look
on your face
you know not
what your life~
this lifetime~
is all about.

Or perhaps,
you were simply afraid.
Too scared.


To ask is to receive.
Answers often
aren’t soothing.

Truth torments.

All you knew~
was agony;
devastation of defeat;
the acrid taste
of wanton wreckage.

Counting fallen loves
gave meaning~
to years lost.

For whom?
For what?
But why?

Looking back is futile.
It is forbidden you.

In the comfort of lies
you sought solace.
Drunk in the muck
of momentary madness
you imagined
temptations transcended.

Oh, holy fool!
Ask again.

lover of leaving.

Who art thou?


pulls the strings
of your heart?

Who commands your soul?

Whom do you worship?

What god do you serve?

Watch how the moon
waxes and wanes.

Flirt with fate
no more.

Embrace your destiny,
someone else’s dream.


How much
already behind you?

How much
ahead of you?

Tick, tock, tick…

35 thoughts on “In the Beginning Was The Question

  1. you had me at ‘decades of decadence’
    and it just kept getting better, i love that your poetry isn’t just musing it poses a macroscopic question onto my existential being every time.
    This is so delicately potent, wow!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Isn’t it odd, dear Robert, that sometimes (too often maybe?) we impoverish ourselves not by the amount of money spent on stuff, but rather the giving away of our finite life force on illusions? A costly expenditure, i find.

      Thank you, Robert. Your words , to me, are pearls; precious.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your kind words.

        I’m always amazed by the wisdom my generation possessed as youths.

        George Harrison sang “Beware of Darkness” in the ‘All Things Must Pass” Album. Beware of Maya because it will destroy your soul.

        It’s too bad we couldn’t take our own advice.

        Liked by 1 person

      • True indeed! Do as i say, and all that. I’m gonna have to check out both that song and album. Clearly, drowning in gadgets and on-demand info nowadays, the essence of what’s important gets all but lost. Fortunately for us, these same technologies preserve the source at the same time. We have only to remember and reach for them. Wow, George Harrison! Thanks, Rob:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Such a charmer, you are! Thank you for appreciating. When life becomes both chaotic and predictable, you know it’s time to go pondering, wondering, and, quite naturally, wandering. But then again, you’ve always known that, haven’t you? Adventurous soul, you.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know you haven’t lost the magic touch of your fingers pressing those brilliant keys of your thoughts. But your life cannot be aimless as it treads the turbulent path of reality. You need space as of this time, so extend your break and be wise and healthy all the time for your soul searching and return to the blogosphere in your own time. Have a nice day, pal.

        Liked by 1 person

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