2015: A Year Of Goodbyes

When the end begins
say goodbye
to all regrets.
To the “yes
you never said.

Don’t feel bad
for mistakes
you need no longer make.
You’ve committed them all
if that’s even possible.

Adjust your sails
trim them tight
the ocean’s wide
allow its depths
to swallow
begotten sorrows.

Behold magnificence
almost in sight.

Cut all ties
to your sorry past.
If nothing more
just be glad
it didn’t last.

Ever mindful
eternally grateful
for what has passed.

Belong to no one.
Gather together
all the pieces of you.

Tattered bits
unwanted parts
scattered in the winds.
Accept and embrace
they were you.

Make whole
the holiness
that is you.

throw wide open
all the windows
leading to your heart.
Release her.

Make all your faces fit
the you
you hardly knew.

Resist the need
to rekindle ties
which no longer bind.

Make room for new loves.
they do exist.

Create pockets of passion
allow them to blossom
in intoxicating fashion.

Conform to no one.
Compromise with nothing.

The year of goodbyes
is almost over.
Dry those tears.
Confound your fears.

Behold thy future:

47 thoughts on “2015: A Year Of Goodbyes

    • Sometimes i think you honor me too much, Rob. Greatly appreciated, though. Too humbling.

      Right now i feel inclined to ask you instead: have you ever felt the painful need to mourn someone you have yet to lose?

      Does that sound strange? I find you a profoundly sensitive, caring, gentle, man. And so i kindly ask.

      Because i could be mistaken in thinking it’s possible not to want to belong to someone, some thing. Just yourself. Is that selfishness? What if…?

      Thank you, Robert, so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • First…A beautiful poem with the kind of insight that so many of your poems have is hard to to write. It’s easy to write or paint something pretty but much harder to find and reveal the beauty of hard truth. …I think it is possible to mourn someone we’ve yet to lose.

        I often worry about my partner’s health and wonder what life will be like if he goes I also find myself mourning the fact that nothing mortal lasts forever.

        I don’t know if it’s selfishness to just want to belong to yourself. I think it feels safe and for some people that’s the right choice.

        Pain is inevitable in our relationships with other people; because we leave and those who love us must cope with, grieve and learn to accept our passing.

        However I think that my life is richer because of the risks that I take.

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      • Rob, thank you. I have to keep your words to heart. I haven’t lost someone near and dear. Thus, i know not the kind of anguish normal to people in mourning. But now, someone truly near and dear~beloved~well, his allotted time is almost at hand. I’m not sure how to keep from going momentarily mad. Worse, how to be strong enough to hold his partner. As for risks, the one’s we dare ourselves to take or else, you’re absolutely right. For the sake of life~living really~it’s imperative we take them.

        Thank you, Rob, so much. Your partner is most fortunate to have you. And am certain you are, too.

        Liked by 1 person

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