Who Will Write Our Story?

Wu Qiong, Artist
Art by Wu Qiong

Maybe it’s the child in me
merrily playing
at love.
A silly game,
then another,
deliriously pretending
to be loved~
in love
with love.

You love me
a lot, a lot.
Or not.

Will you imagine
my fairy tale?
I see everything.
I have nothing
at all.

Is it the child in me
forever wanting
she cannot have?

Puella Eternis~
eternal child.
Wanting, needing,
never ending

How do I dream
of coming home
to a place
I don’t belong?

What future
for life
in the past?

And what of sorrows?
Aborted tomorrows

Sorry, oh so sorry, life.

How do I write
your name?
From whence
you came?

Who will sing
those songs
this heart
in the dark?

I hear you not.

you’re already gone.

Done living
done loving
done being.

Time flew
and yet
my life
was born~
of you.

under your shadow
stopping, stumbling
a heaving sentence
pausing to wait.

But who will write our story?
Not to be read.
so as not
to forget:
no one
no life
is ever
for naught.

I, you,
we matter.

Time is late.
You and I
we are past
saying goodbye.

A kiss and a hug~
shelter for
the coming storm.

We have yet
to write this story.
Here, give me your hand,
I have a pen.

31 thoughts on “Who Will Write Our Story?

  1. The problem when old rockers die, and the last two that hit me the hardest were Bowie and Lou Reed, is that it brings up a ton of feelings in someone, say 57 years old. Here’s the thing: there are hundreds, nay thousands of bar acts that count as quality even rebellious rock and roll out there right now, but NONE will have the impact of Bowie or Reed, and NONE who question authority or promulgate an alternative lifestyle hit with the IMPACT on our culture the music once had.

    This has occurred, as all glorious creative times (1950 to 1980, give or take) as the new dark age has come upon us. Since 1980, or just before, the squelching of truly alarming and monumental creativity has slowly but surely gotten worse. As electronics, propaganda via ALL MEDIA, and :conservative values” whitewash all fields of a cultural realm (maybe not classical music…) we are left living in the past (Jedthro Tull) and yearn for more Michael Moores or at least more Ernest Hemingways, and if their contemporary equivalents are out there (where, or who is the NEXT Kurt Vonnegut even?) there’s a good chance they’ve been left unpublished, unheard, unseen due to things like Sony buying Columbia records. Conservative Japanese guys took the label that brought us Dylan, Springsteen, Simon and Garfunkel and a LOT of other acts that questioned authority and BAM squelched any new ones from hitting it being (by not being signed).

    Throw in a pinch of MTV and a heavy dose of an ass-lick or two (see American Idol or even the Voice) and again,music no longer has the influence to help end a war(Vietnam ended due to an entire generation being inspired by countless anti-war protest songs).

    Now that Billy Bragg has slowed his US touring schedule and band like Rage Against the Machine are bundled and tied, name me who is going to replace the cultural icons known as the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young or a long string of others.

    Here I can go to Cat’s Cradle and 25 other venues to catch a huge sampling of the up and coming bands. Probably 20% have the chops and even the philosophy to challenge my theory that the days of a culture influenced by creative people has died. But can you name me one of these bands? Have you seen them live? Did you download their stuff?

    Worse yet, other than Kathy Acker and few others, which writers are busting full blast against the wars? OK Chris Hedges (the Pulitzer Prize winner fired from the New York Times) has it going on at http://www.truthout.com). Journalists who persist in investigative reporting are often fired.

    Hell, the movies and tv are a lost cause, and basically (look at all the cop shows on CBS alone!) feed such malicious propaganda (lies) that it makes me want to puke. TV? Who has time for that shit. And I say that in the face of a TON of new great shows…still it doesn’t outweigh the pro war, pro “tough on crime” poop. We’re being transferred into a country where the police are militarized, meaning someone somewhere believes more direct attacks (um police killing unarmed people is a problem that equals the racism behind it) on suspects is A-OK.

    Sprinkle in the icing: The Patriot Act ended Habeas Corpus, the legal belief that people MUST be told WHY they are being arrested, at the time of arrest. This has been in western law since 1215. Yes 1215, when King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta. Before I go off hard on how impossible it is to defend yourself if the cops or anyone else doesn’t tell you why you’re being arrested. Wow King George the Bush got this crap passe,d and the Supreme Court didn’t bat an eyelash (though it’s extremely unconstitutional) and the Constitutional expert,Barack Obama,also never once brought up overturning this foul law and Patriot Act 2, another insult. Had their been an effective watchdog ANYWHERE, this stuff might not have happened. Rise up young voices; or be squelched forever.


    • You’re most kind and generous, Rob, thank you. Are you into Jung, or any of his works? Pain has a way of taking us to places, pushing us to search out, and away from, what we’re accustomed to. I’m only now learning that we actually have 12 archetypal companions: four of whom are universal/basic to all~child, victim, prostitute, and saboteur. Quite the revelation. Further to go. Hope things are brighter, more wondrous, for you this 2016.

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