Stealing Time


Steal from time
pilfer each second
possess every moment

Waste not
a single shred
of smile~

Spend preciousness
lovinglyΒ  gazing
at you.

For distractions
make no room.


No attraction
is better
than being
with you.

I need not
own you
to love you.

You need not
return kisses
to have me.

one day~
will come calling.

Till then~

but not
until then~

hold my hand
in yours

Never let me go.

38 thoughts on “Stealing Time

    • Thank you so much. In that moment, only the words “awe” and “miracle” exist. Nothing much mattered. If only one could freeze time. And enclose that singular world in a bubble. Once in a lifetime, truly. I dunno if it’s possible again. Happy 2016! πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰


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