Dignity For The Damned

May 13, 2015 Feast Of Our Lady Of Fatima. For MMZ, HIV positive.

Wheeling Me Home

You kneel broken
weeping tears
too copious
deserts turn to rivers.
A waterfall of sorrows
even tomorrow
cannot contain.

Body bent
spirit spent
Unable to hide
gaping wide
pus pouring out.

People shun you.
Each stare
a dagger to the heart.

What heart?
you ask
it is shattered
only memories
breathe for life.

you scream
have pity
you plead
to gods known
even those unknown.


For the damned
there is no religion.

Only kindness
will suffice.
Compassion is clemency~
unearned pardon
for a shallow life
lived in shadows.

You sit silently
ears numb
to the beating of life
no longer yours.

Hope abounds
for the living
but not for you.
You are almost gone.

The night remains
your only friend.
Steadfast and true
enfolding you.

Bid goodbye
to the light~
to a life
slowly fading fast.

The end
will be easy.
Eternity awaits you
arms open wide~
a warm welcome
this cold world
from the forever damned.

Close your eyes,
dear child.


I am holding you so tightly.

 It’s time to go home now.

26 thoughts on “Dignity For The Damned

  1. Such a powerful picture you show of the other side of life, of a half-life, of desperation, of such depth of sorrow and hopelessness. It is too much for anyone to bear but those poor souls have no choice. We are aware, but perhaps block it out of our minds in fear that it could become our life. Acknowledgement and kindness are free to give, as you have done, with great insight and compassion.

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