The Unbreakable Bond

By Danielle

“You are responsible for the ones you tame”

In this book~Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de St. Exupery, not only the little prince but the rose and the fox act as if they were human beings. It emphasized the fact that, when feelings are involved, whether it is between humans, or between humans and animals, it is the same: “it can bring you a lot of happiness but, at the same time, it makes you very vulnerable as, now, you are not in control of what you feel but someone else is.”

When the fox said that sentence to the little prince, he was discovering his vulnerability for the first time. This went deep into me. I really felt for the fox and understood the extent of the responsibility we have when we create some bond with animals or people. We have not the right to make another being suffer, especially animals as they have, most of the time, only one person they share love with. If they lose this love, there is nothing left. It must be devastating.


13 thoughts on “The Unbreakable Bond

  1. nice post, amiga… the final part took me to an incident that happened yesterday at the cemetery. i was leaving the cemetery, and a lean ‘street’ dog sort of smiled at me and dashed to me as if i were its long lost master.. i spoke to it, and it was wagging her tail and smiling, and she all but knocked me down with love and joy.. she kept trying to coax me to stay, and the other people werre watching as the dog ignored everyone but me. it escorted me six or so blocks, until i stopped and waited for a ride to el matal.. the dog sat right beside me – so very strange.

    i wonder if i am the only person that’s ever acknowledged that she had a soul?

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    • It would seem so. Not many acknowledge that. Primacy of the species? I have no idea. Only that i’d like to believe there’s a ‘heaven’ for animals as well. How can it not be so? Countless souls go about dreary lives with nary a true friend~except for their pets. How it crushes them when those pets die, or even get sick. My father had to take tranquilizers when his dog died. How can there not be a soul to creatures filled with love and affection? Not to mention devotion. Miss you , mi amiga.

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  2. I first read The Little Prince when I was 16. The encounter between the Prince and The Fox still resonates with me. “Tame me.” is a request for for love and pain. The Prince tames the Fox which brings the Fox joy and the prince leaves the Fox memories and longing. But this pain also awakens the fox. I especially loved the lesson in the story: “You are responsible forever for what you have tamed.”

    Such a wonderful story.

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