When Forever Is Today

Memo To Self
Memo To Self

When forever is today…
Do you kill time
watching and waiting?

Sitting and staring
moaning and moping?

Letting tomorrow
take care of itself?

Crossing fingers
that hopes and prayers
will see you through?

When love eludes you
and fortunes too
know it’s not the stars
who are to blame.

Meet me in a place
where there’s no space
for lies and cries
nor lips that lock
in one cruel mock.

Less of the right
and righteousness.
More of the light
undimmed nights.

For gloom and doom
make no room.

time will not stand still
for you
or your doubts.

A wintry time indeed
for turning one’s gaze
never ever looking back
on the you
forever left behind.

Meet the new you
“i love you”

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