The Grace Of An Illness


One who embraces illness as well as health embraces the whole of life”

Illness is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t care whatever status, age, gender one belongs to. It matters not whether you have the means for treatment, or none at all. Diseases do befall the destitute. The wealthy as well.

When it comes, a decision is called for. Especially if the ailment is a serious one. Life threatening situations call for judgments one would rather not make.

Then there’s the choice point: do you relinquish control of your body, thinking: “others know better“? Alternatively, you may decide, once and for all, no matter what, you get to choose. No such thing as: “I have no choice“, or, “it’s not up to me“.

The option of seeking treatment–or not–is still a choice. The form treatment takes is a choice. Our mindset is a choice.

While science and technology have advanced immeasurably, (and will doubtless progress exponentially over time) neither has discovered the means to eradicate afflictions–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. These maladies have been with us since the beginning of life as we know it. Chances are, they can-and will-persist until the end.

One particular poem/prayer/writer offers a different view of healing and illness.

The way we look at disorders just may require a re-ordering; a shift from one of misfortune to grace.

“When healing is the target
Illness is the bow.
What is a bow but a device for the transfer of energy?
Likewise an illness.

Properly used, an illness turns an outward focus inward,
Sends energy to where it’s needed most.
Transforms fears into strength
Arrogance into humility
Compulsion to caring
Cynicism to compassion
Brings balance to imbalance.

The release of pain over-long denied.

Worldly medicine does the opposite.
It requires the patient to look outside herself
To give her power to another
To maintain control
To invade the body
To deny the spirit.

One who embraces illness as well as health
Embraces the whole of life.
She can offer life
Because she receives life.”
                —Haven Treviño

We have infinite lessons to learn in a finite lifespan. If secrets dwell within us, why are we so afraid to probe deeper? Why have we allowed countless distractions to fill our limited hours? Why do we cast our eyes upon solutions that serve only to alienate us from ourselves?

Could fear be the ultimate obstacle we need to overcome so that we may become the man, woman we are called to be?

So many questions. So very little time.

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