Seeker’s Way

Mark My Way
Mark My Way

Seeker’s Way

Shepherded like herd
Treated like turd
Sitting, squatting, sleeping
On cold, dank, grimy floors.

Watching and waiting
For that clock
To the minute tick:
“Boarding time”

So much trouble
For what? And why?

Why, simply….

For…the thrill of travel

…the freedom to marvel

… the pleasure of people
meeting souls

…potential lovers secretly musing
“could it be you?…”

…the joy—though fleeting—
of forgetting
dreary days

… the rapture
of remembering
amidst the fog

Such is the price we pay
For world-wide wonder.

Weaving memories
Expanding minds
Pushing horizons.

Infinite possibilities.

Thus is a window
Cracked open
To turn one’s life around.

Rend, lend, and bend
Thus will we mend.

Healing is the calling
Wholeness our being.

A rhyme goes with reason
A time for each season.

With each takeoff
Praying to land
Step into


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