Valentine’s Debt

Dateline: Maryland, USA

Clearing A Path For You
Clearing A Path For You

What I owe now
I do
Only to myself.

Torrid past paid for
Mistakes made right
Shadows brought to light
Debts deleted.

Even fleeting
Allow loneliness
Long overdue.

Precious moments
Pleasures sublime
Muted conversations
Only sacred space
Can bestow.

Where the giving is free
Allow for receiving
Just as naturally.

Illusions define you
When you deny honesty
Its proper due.

Time is not a friend
When you can’t comprehend
Gnawing at your core
Knocking on your door.

Happiness happens
Past thunder and rain
Trudging through all that muck
Feet clad
Each step glad
Knowing I’m moving
Ever closer
Inching nearer
To the me
That’s in you.

Behold the nth wonder:


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Debt

    • It’s me who must Thank You, Annie~for reading, and allowing whatever meaning it holds to be of some value. Thank you. Hope things are better for you today.


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