Why We Wander

Traveling Man
Traveling Man

We wander
In wonder

In awe
We ponder

Life, Love, Luck, Loss, Lies, Lust.

Life…why do people look so sad?
Love…will the rose ever lose its thorns?
Luck…why can’t you be fair?
Loss…why does your timing suck so much?
Lies…why you sound so good?
Lust…why can’t you taste bad instead?

We wander
To soothe the soul within.

Merely escaping
Leaves wounds gaping
Nothing worth taking
When you’re only running.

Why wonder
If there’s time left
Knowing well
Time’s hardly ever enough?
Not for loving
Nor for dying.

We wander to forget
All the hurts
We have yet
To fully feel.

We wander to remember
Who we are
Why we lost our way.

We may wander in agony
We could
Forever wander
Laden with sorry
Hoping to bury
A sordid past.

But wander I must
That I may
Give glory.

23 thoughts on “Why We Wander

  1. Thank you Yayo for liking some of my posts. I appreciate you coming here more often to see what I have to offer. Also, you are allowed to share my content on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms to get the word out about my blog. Hope you have a good New Years. Let the celebration begin!

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    • Pleasure’s mine, Steven. Music’s always been both gift and therapy. So thank you for sharing your passion to us all :-). A toast to more great tunes in 2015!


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