Hello, Darkness

Chapel Of The Holy Cross
Chapel Of The Holy Cross

Almost alive
Not quite festering
You see the moon
Same as the sun.

Seduced by nothing
You cry in wonder:
Is breathing
Than not?

Heart weeping
Chaos sweeping
Gods sleeping
Tearing angels apart.

Storm heaven if you must
The darkest of nights see you
No one pulling you through.

All that drama
Comes with a comma
Just another trauma.

Rouse thyself
Oh soul of mine
Awaken from slumber
A nightmare denied mourning.

A case of badness
This sorry state of sadness.

Holy melancholy
The voice of aloneness.

Pity the fool
Who lives like a tool
Under someone else’s rule.

Silly notion
Thinking you’re alive.

Making love.

Vicarious living
Trusting reality.


Everything is given you
Miracles for the taking.

In the palm of your hands.

Unshackle these chains
Balls of burden
Hindering thine divine being.

Free yourself

For I cannot.

Come alive
Eat thy fill
Drink this cup
Carve, carve, carve
That cavern to your castle.

Break down that drawbridge
Dark dungeons beckon
Your captives languish
Mother, father, brother, sister
Prisoners all.

No beacon of distraction
Can save you now
No din of foolish banter
Will take you away
Face the truth
It is time.

Summon stamina
Scaffold your soul
For when the gods come calling
There’s no escaping
Face to face
Hello, darkness
My name is Yayo
Glad to meet you
At last.

23 thoughts on “Hello, Darkness

  1. this really resonated with me, particularly after everything I’ve been through in these last 13 months… I’ve not yet been able to write about my experiences in any depth – just short form poetry to let it drip out as and when it needs to…

    Liked by 1 person

    • How’re you holding up now? I feel you. It is a rough patch in there. Just when you thought you’re out for good, in you go again. But do hang on tight. It may take awhile, but emerge you will. More beautiful am sure 🙂


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