Just Another Cliche′

Child On A Swing

Choose not the cloister
When the world’s your oyster
Limitation’s just a gag
Turning you into a hag.

Let not spirit be bound
Clamped, closeted, chained.
Destiny was never meant
For a chosen few.

This, you always knew.

Seek not one life
Measured in today’s outcomes
Nor tomorrow’s promise

Always and ever
You’re given the choice.

Neither give up on life
Nor let it defeat you
Though your days
Are marred
By nothing but strife.

Ask not
For the world’s permission
To boldly go about your vision.

For every ounce of pain
You most certainly gain.

A single inspiration
Is not enough motivation.
Seek ye therefore passion
In all ways or fashion.

And last, certainly not the least,
You and I remain free
If we let it each other be.

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