Don’t Rush That Touch

The Touch
The Touch

Don’t rush that touch

Let it linger

Let it play

Nothing so good must ever end

In any way

Your voice drips of honey

I feel nirvana

Freeze this feeling

Frame my emotions

Feel us soaring

Glory to glory

Fantasies building


In anticipation

Finish our canvas

With a touch of blush

No need to rush

With that gentle touch

Only for today

Let’s pretend

It’s yesterday

Did you feel my heart-break?

You touched me

Oh so deeply

Now I know

How oceans feel

When divers touch the deep

Oh but please

Don’t rush that wondrous touch

Make it tentative

Oh so sensitive

Make me melt

See my monsters rising

Feel my darkness fading

You simply mustn’t

Rush that touch

Even rainbows need the feel

Of sunshine and rain

To conceive those palettes

And pin them to the skies

Slowly, quietly, I feel despair dawning

And for a moment my skin felt

A hint of sorrow

Failing to sense

That touch of tomorrow

A savage feast of separation anxiety

Earthy, hungry, feeling so unworthy

Oh, if only you would not rush

With that oh so ravenous touch.

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