Beloved Begone

The Kiss
The Kiss

This is a poem to a once beloved

A soul angel

Unlike any other

Whom I failed to love

Sufficiently enough.

Wide, doe-like eyes

A brimming pool of tears

At my voiceless violence.

Frail, fragile, waif’s body

Trembling in bewilderment

Quivering in despair

Loneliness unbound

By blindness beyond repair.

Mercilessly adding my pain to yours

Unmindful of how you’ll ever walk again

Because when it got too bad for me

All you could do was cry.

And because I never realized

How unworthy you thought you were

For all the love and radiance you are.

And yet, how could you know?

When eyes don’t always show

What ears can only feel.

And more so because

Even love

Can become un-love

If hidden

If unspoken.

And so I whisper to your gentle eyes

For all your yesterdays,

For all the here and now

And for all our tomorrows

For you tender beloved


Beyond time.

13 thoughts on “Beloved Begone

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